Mark Spano Communications, Inc. Rolls Out 5 Minute Video for “Reimagining Sicily”

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Remaining Sicily

Media contact: Mark Spano Mark Spano Communications, Inc.
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Mark Spano Communications, Inc. Rolls Out 5 Minute Video for “Reimagining Sicily”
To promote funding, partnership for a definitive documentary on Sicily

Sept. 25, 2012 (Chapel Hill, NC) — Mark Spano Communications, Inc. recently completed a five-minute video about his feature-length documentary entitled “Reimagining Sicily” that he will roll out to help promote funding for the project.

According to Spano, Sicily’s cultural and historic relevance have not been explored seriously in film, yet Sicily is “the most invaded place on the planet,” he said, and the island’s island’s story rivals both Greece and Egypt as a primary source for Western ideas.

“Sicily is more fascinating and more diverse than the worn-out discussions of European regions,” Spano said.

Few of these more popularized regions compare to Sicily for a story of authentic human struggle, for the presence of cultural icons, and for the significance of so many important historical sites, he noted.

“Unfortunately, organized crime is the only part of Sicily’s culture most of us know anything about, thanks to ‘The Godfather’ movies and so many others,” said Spano, whose paternal grandparents were first-generation Sicilian.

“Reimagining Sicily” will explore history, family, religion arts and culture and their effects on the people of Sicily.

“Sicilians have made formidable contributions to art, architecture, and the humanities,” Spano stressed. “And then there’s the food. There are Sicilian foods that are well known globally now. There are also Sicilian foods that few of us know about.”

According to Spano, this story of Sicily will “reimagine” the ebb and flow of the region’s varied and remarkable occurrences through the pre-Socratic Sicilian Philosopher Empedocles’ prism of Love and Strife. The production team will build the documentary from interviews with world experts on Sicily, by meeting Sicilians themselves, by seeing the places where Sicilians have worked, played, prayed, governed and battled for over three millennia, and by witnessing how Sicilians go about doing the same today.

Spano is also writing a companion book for the documentary, also entitled Reimagining Sicily.

David Schwartz, BBC Director of Photography in London, is presently attached to the project. Schwartz shoots short, narrative films, features and, television drama for the BBC, ITV and SKY. He has shot dramas in Greece, Holland, and throughout the United Kingdom.

I-World, an International Association for the Safeguarding and Valorization of the Identities of Humanity and the Protection and Promotion of Sicilian Heritage, has agreed to function as the production crew’s Special Project Consultant in Sicily.

Spano is also promoting affinity-marketing opportunities, such as travel, products, and cuisine. “There are countless ancillary business opportunities for prospective partners,” he said.

The film’s budget is $675,000 USD (approximately 540,000 €).

For more information, visit: View the 5 minute video at: 5 minute video on Reimagining Sicily .

About Mark Spano:
Mark Spano is the president of Chapel Hill, NC-based Mark Spano Communications, Inc. He is a veteran television producer and filmmaker, marketing communications consultant, and fundraiser.produced “At Work and At Play,” the third program in a series produced in cooperation with Preservation North Carolina. The hour-long documentary features noted state historic sites where North Carolinians have historically worked and played. Mark Spano also wrote and produced the first and second programs in the series: “On the Tracks of Progress” and “Far Fetched and Dear Bought.” Nationally syndicated television interviewer Charlie Rose narrates these programs. For more information, visit: View the 5 minute video at: 5 minute video on Reimagining Sicily .